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Launching my new website

For a while, I've been thinking of a good way to create a product and adding new features to it once they come out. I've also seen a trend of people creating their own place on the internet for their content, moving away from other platforms.

My own website has always been a simple homepage that referenced my content on other platforms, which was good enough, but now it's time for something else.

So today, I'm launching this website, a place where I can share my thoughts and findings exactly how I want it. It's simple, fast and far from done, but that's the fun part of it.

What will I share on here?

This website is created in a way that makes it easy to add new content with custom styling and eventually interactive elements. My goal is to write about the latest in web development, from the basics to more advanced setups and make it understandable for everyone. I might also share content about my other interests and inspiration.

const subjects = [
  'Creating this website',
  'Smooth web animations',
  'Lovely OSS libraries',
  'Website improvements',

for(let i = 0; i < subjects.length; i += 1){
	write(subjects[i], 6048e5 * i);

The first article will be about how this website was created and what I've learned from the iterations that I've done to get it to what it is now. For example: Currently there's no JavaScript being loaded and node isn't even installed on the server (yet)! 😉

Feel free to contact me by mail or follow me on Twitter and start a conversation! 🙇

Keep calm and code! ☀️