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Hi, I'm Colin! I'm currently a Creative Developer at dpdk where I've been working on award-winning websites and interactive experiences for 4 years. Here I also did research on Progressive Web Apps and have been focussing on delivering performant and user-friendly web experiences.



There are many things I like to create with code, it's great to have an idea and build it into a product or prototype. Most of my side projects can be placed in three categories: Open Source libraries, WebGL experiments and PWA examples.

For the front-end, I focus on application structure with JavaScript and carefully pick dependencies (like Preact) that do exactly what I need and fit my size budget. Besides that, I use CSS for layout and apply fancy transitions (with Anime) to enhance the user experience. For interactive graphics, I use WebGL with Three.js.

To build my static websites (or serve my dynamic ones) I use Node as a service with extras like Web Sockets and GraphQL for different solutions. More details about this later!



Web Development is a big part of my life, but that's not all. Once a year I travel somewhere far away (most recently Korea / Japan) while on normal weekend nights I keep myself busy with movies or games (currently playing Fire Emblem on the Nintendo Switch). I enjoy listening to a wide variety of music and to follow work that people do on Open Source and (game) design. Feel free to ask me anything else.



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