Hi, I'm Colinvan Eenige!

I'm a Web Developer that aims to create fast experiences for everyone by focussing on code architecture, progressive enhancement and performance.

I'm best known for my WebGL experiments, PWA examples and Open Source libraries. This website is a place where I will share my findings in detail.

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Launching my new website

New! A place where I can share my thoughts and findings.

Making the web fast: Reaching 60FPS

Findings about performance during development.

Behind the scenes: Preact Gallery

How and why I created an 8kB gallery experience.



WebGL transitions on scroll

A tutorial on how to transition WebGL instances in a smooth way based on the scroll position.

WebGL Wonderland

A collection of high performance experiments based on my wrapper around Three.js!

Exploring WebGL

A collection of low-level WebGL experiments leading up to the release of Phenomenon.

Preact Gallery

A modern gallery experience disguised as a tiny (8kb) Preact based PWA.

Feel free to contact me by mail or follow me on Twitter and start a conversation!
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